Jadakiss And Styles P Bringing Juice Bars To The Neighborhood They Grew Up In

by Brandon

As a young kid, growing up in an underpriveledged situation can be incredibly tough day in and day out. Attempting to find a nice healthy meal in these neighborhoods can be an almost impossible task. The food sources you will mostly see are pizzerias, candy stores, and every kind of fast food you can imagine. Platinum artist Jadakiss and Styles P grew up living in these exact situations and have made a decision to bring the people of the hood access to a healthy and nutritious alternative. And the alternative they are providing to the people of Yonkers, New York are juice bars. As they attempt to educate their people on how important what you put into your body is in the long run. At one point in their lives they were both living a destructive lifestyle and realized that it was time they man up and turn things around. Which is exactly what they are attempting to do with the people of the projects. This wasn’t a business idea they sparked up in an effort to make a bunch of money but rather a cost friendly idea that could impact the lives of many. You can’t help but get inspired to make a change in your own neighborhood after taking a look at what Jadakiss and Styles P are currently doing in theirs. Check out the video below and see how Jadakiss and Styles P are working together to make an impact on the neighborhood they grew up in!

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