Jake Alvarez’s Shoulder-Gains Workout

by Brandon

Devising a widely complex shoulder routine is a easy way to land yourself on the disabled list. Your goal should be to keep it simple and strategic while still maintaining a high-level of intensity throughout the entirety of your routine. IFBB Pro Jake Alvarez brings us his simplistic yet highly effective shoulder routine he uses to get after those gains. Remember its not about how crazy and wild you train but rather how smart and strategic you are with your physique. Jake also puts an emphasis on the rear delts and upper-back in the routine below and many of you might ask what’s his purpose in doing so? 3 of the 4 exercises target the rear delts and upper-back because of the sole fact that most of us neglect these areas and for that reason are more susceptible to injuries. Check out Jake’s 30 minute shoulder routine that will assist you whether your goal is to lift some big weights or to simply stretch out your new t-shirts in the video below!

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