Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals Bizarre Workout He Did To Prepare For “Southpaw”

by Brandon

How do you play the part of a world champion fighter who puts his body on the line in search of glory and money? That is the same question actor Jake Gyllenhaal asked himself prior to accepting his role as Billy “The Great” Hope in the Hollywood boxing film Southpaw. in order to portray the role as accurately as possible Jake was required to train like an actual professional boxer. Making it one of the toughest roles Jake has ever had the privilege of playing. Director Antoine Fuqua knew that Jake couldn’t fake this role and told him “Jake, you have to train like a fighter. I can’t have you faking it’,” explains Fuqua. “You have to be in the gym twice a day every day. Even on Sundays”.  But he wasn’t in the battle alone, in order to keep his star actor motivated, Fuqua put himself through the same training routine going through 6 hours of training a day. However, Jake reveals that he was already beyond motivated to get it in the gym and prepare his body for the role he was taking on. Stating that ” I knew nothing about boxing when I started really,” he admits. “I knew that in order for me to pull it off in any way, I was just going to have to learn how to do it. And what came out of it all was a ripped to shreds, acting machine. Check out Jake Gyllenhaal reveal his insane training regimen in the video below!

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