Javon Walker Talks About The Discipline Necessary To Compete

by Brandon

Javon Walker is a name that might sound familiar to many and for good reason. Javon was a first round pick by the Green Bay Packers and went on to have a successful career which included: 34 touchdowns, and a Pro-Bowl appearance over his eight years in the NFL. Since his retirement in 2010, he has discovered a new passion and has smoothly transitioned into the bodybuilding world. He has been competing in contest for the National Physique Committee and recently placed third in Men’s Physique at his very first national- level competition- NPC Nationals.

Lee Thompson recently caught up with Javon to discuss the transition process as well as the challenges that come with competing in the IFBB as appose to the NFL. From the looks of it he has an incredibly bright future ahead of him!

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