Jon Gruden Broke Down Film Of Wrestlemania Hopefuls

by Adam Smith

ESPN’s Jon Gruden is who says yes to any opportunity to perform in front of a camera. And he damn well should because if he doesn’t exude 13 percent of his enthusiasm daily, he’ll die a death of over-excitement. That lifestyle led him to a situation where he was breaking down tape of Wrestlemania XXXI participants. Plus, he handicapped what type of career Andre the Giant would have enjoyed in the NFL.

In doing so, Gruden displays his brilliance. No other person on earth — save Dick Vitale — can work up a lather over the dumbest stuff in the world like he does. You can’t teach that skill. Also, there’s got to be a 73 percent chance he still thinks the sport isn’t scripted. Seems like a tough guy to convince of anything.

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