Kai Greene Reveals His Respect For Phil Heath

by Brandon

Unfortunately it looks like the Phil Heath and Kai Greene rivalry has been squashed for this years Olympia but that doesn’t mean that the two don’t have a burning desire to beat one another. Which you can tell from the surface – their aggressive nature toward one another, the shoving on stage, the press conference exchange, and words thrown at one another during interviews. But do Kai and Phil actually hate one another? The answer is no, they are intense competitors who have both battles against each other over the past few years in order to be crowned Mr. Olympia. Phil has been able to capture what Kai has been after for the past four years so of course there is going to be some animosity between the two.

In the video below, Kai sits with Generation Iron and opens up about how much respect he truly has for the 4x Mr Olympia and rival Phil Heath. It’s the kind of talk that you don’t expect from Kai but it shows a lot of character to reveal his respect for “The Gift”. Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse beyond the rivalry from Kai’s perspective!

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