Kali Muscle: Biceps TOO Big

by Brandon

Kali Muscle has found himself a gym which allows him to put his entire personality on display without the worry of people complaining or trying to throw him out. Which is a good thing for all fans of the man with the ginormous biceps. But he didn’t get those biceps just by screaming loud in the gym and posting Youtube videos, he had to lift some heavy weights to get those things to grow. It’s not like having huge biceps is un-attainable, it just simply takes a lot of hours in the gym getting after it! Exactly how Kali does in the video below but realize he doesn’t hate what he does or half a$s through the workout. Kali states ” I make love to the weights” and that is in fact a good mentality to have. Enjoy the process of getting to your goals and you’ll begin to see results in no time!

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