Kali Muscle Goes Berserk On Jeff Seid Over A Joke

by Adam Smith

So there is this video on youtube of Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay Wrestling. Someone commented on the video: “Kali Muscle vs Jeff Seid” and you will not believe how this innocent joke turned out. You would definitely not want to have beef with the 260 pound monster Kali Muscle. It goes like this Jeff Seid says in a joking manner “I would destroy Kali Muscle lmfao.” then Kali responds to it in a serious manner saying “Don’t write a check you can’t cash! I’m not with the internet bull****. We’ll see one another at one of these Fit expos ni**a.” “Check my resume before you start yapping your gums! I wrestled too mr physique model.” “Just to think I always spoke highly of you and you’re just the typical little internet bi**h like the rest”

Wow that escalated quickly.. I think Kali Muscle took this joke the wrong way and Jeff replied to confirm my thoughts exactly. Jeff says in a reply to Kali “yo kali man you’re taking this the wrong way. im just talking bout a wrestling match lol not a fight or something.” Lets hope things can cool down and Kali can see the error of his ways. On a side note Jeff Seid looks pretty good at wrestling. Watch out Kali… Haha

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