Kali Muscle’s Brutal Chest Gauntlet!

by Brandon

Whenever a weight-training session takes place at CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts Gym it is a given that the intensity is going to be at a wildly high level. But when the already naturally hyped up Kali Muscle trains there it just puts it over the top. Since he was at Iron Addicts it was only right for him to go through a CT esque chest gauntlet. If you are familiar with CT then you are aware of the fact that his gauntlets just aren’t for the faint of heart. Kali clearly knew how grueling it was going to be and was even slightly scared before getting started. “I’m scared, I got a little anxiety. Yeah Kali Muscle get a little scared but when you scared that mean you push harder..” Kali understood it was most likely going to get a bit painful after a while but understood the challenge and gratefully accepted it. Which is exactly what your mentality should be before every workout. It might not feel good at some point but just know that means you are pushing yourself beyond your limits and getting better for it.

If you are looking to shake up your normal routine you should definitely give the chest gauntlet in the video below a try on your next chest day!

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