Kathleen Tesori’s Total Upper-Body Workout

by Brandon

A majority of women stay away from lifting weights because they want to avoid getting to muscular or big. They are looking to tighten up their physique as appose to putting on size but just aren’t sure of how to go about doing that. Kathleen Tesori understands that and provides an effective workout that will help redefine your entire upper-body. Her quick, and efficient routine is composed of super-sets which allows you to get the most out of your time spent in the gym. Which is exactly what those with hectic schedules and limited time to chase after their fitness goals are in need of. The goal of this routine is to help build a well proportioned physique over time. Making it a perfect routine for those who aren’t looking to put on size but rather develop a nicely toned upper-body. If that is your goal, then take a look at the video below and get to work!

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