Kawhi Leonard Wins 2014-15 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award

by Brandon

After a season in which we saw him develop into the San Antonio Spurs primary option offensively, small forward Kawhi Leonard was awarded with the 2014-15 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award earlier today. The 23 year old didn’t run away with the award by any stretch. Kawhi narrowly beat out Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green even though Green had the most first-place votes with 45. While Green was understandably upset by the results, you can’t take away the great season Leonard had on the defensive end. After capturing an NBA Finals MVP during last years postseason he carried that momentum into the new year. Besides taking big strides as an offensive player, he continued to improve as a lock down defender. He was often given the task of shadowing the oppositions best player, and more times than not he won his match ups. The 6’7 wingman averaged 7.2 rebounds a game to go along with his league leading 2.3 steals.

The young Kawhi Leonard has accomplished so much in his young career and will only continue to improve and add a ton of hardware to his trophy case. Do you guys agree with Kawhi winning the DPOY?

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