KC Mitchell Lost A Leg Fighting For His Country But Continues Living Like A Lion!

by Brandon

Each and everyone of us goes through rough patches in life where we feel overwhelmed by all that is thrown our way. To the point where some even contemplate giving in but that is not the way to go about dealing with all these problems because nothing is ever as bad as it seems. While you might be dealt a bad hand it is key to keep in mind that your situation can always be worse than it actually is. Former Army veteran KC Mitchell is a perfect example. KC lost a leg of his fighting for the country he desperately loves while serving a tour in Afghanistan but refused to allow his circumstances defeat him. As he realized that while his situation might not have been an ideal one, he was blessed enough to still be alive and made a commitment to get himself in shape. Stating, “… Theres people running marathons that are missing legs, I could get in there and lift some Iron you know. That’s hone the journey started for me..” Instead of giving in to his circumstances, KC found motivation in the fact that there were countless other people in the world who lost limbs but did not give in to their unfortunate circumstances. So if KC Mitchell isn’t sitting around moping about the adversity he has encountered then what gives you the right to do so? Get up off your ass and start living your life like a lion!

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