Kevin Hart Might Be Tiny But He Surely Can Out Lift Most Guys

by Brandon

We all have come to love the small, energetic and incredibly hilarious Kevin Hart for obvious reasons and it has nothing to do with his ability to lift. We all love him for his unique ability to make his laugh and keep us highly entertained but when you are as tiny as Kevin you have to partake in certain n activities to show others that they do not want to mess with you. Now that Kevin is living well off of his highly successful comedic and acting career he is able to splash and splurge on whatever he wants. However, Kevin was doing no splurging on himself to kick-off this holiday season as he teemed up with fellow “Ride Along” seat Ice Cube and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to give back to the community. As they gifted a community with a brand new gym but before opening it to the public Kevin had to be the first to break it in and send a message to all the dudes out there. Which is exactly what the small, funny man did by getting under the barbell and smashing a reps of 225 lbs. Take a look at the miniature Kevin Hart lifting more than a majority of guys can in the video below!

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