KHLO-FIT: Khloe Kardashian Full-Body Workout

by Brandon

The Kardashian family has been trending news for the past few years and for every reason you can imagine as I’m sure you are well aware of. However in the video below we see a particular member of the family in a different setting than we are accustomed to. 31-year-old Khloe Kardashian recently made a change in her life toward living a healthier lifestyle and if you keep up with her you can tell she has been putting in some serious work at the gym. In the clip we see the reality star tackle battle ropes, lunges with heavy barbells and more as she sweats it out with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. After watching the video below you will no longer wonder how Khloe managed to completely transform her body to where it is today. And to no surprise as anything else in life it was possible through hard work and dedication. Check out Khloe’s intense full-body workout in the video below and get inspired to go kick some ass today!

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