Kid Bodybuilder ‘Little Hercules’ Is All Grown Up And Chasing A New Dream

by Brandon

At one point in time Richard Sandrak was known as ‘Little Hercules’, that was many years ago and Richard’s aspirations have changed. As an eight year old Richard made headlines because of his massive muscles and shredded abdominals. It was incredible, never before have we seen such a strong and conditioned eight year old child. But those days are long gone as he doesn’t even lift weights anymore. Sandrak is now a 23 year old with a beard, ponytail and with no trace of the muscles he once possessed. And now works as a stuntman in Hollywood Studios, allowing himself to be set on fire up to five times a day.

You would of probably thought Richard would go on to become a world class bodybuilder by this time but he just simply got bored of the life he was living. Which has opened his eyes to new passions. Such as his dream to be an engineer for NASA and with his work ethic he probably will make it happen!

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