Kim Anami Helping Empower Women Through A New Thing Called “Vagina Weightlifting”

by Brandon

Whenever we think of weight lifting it is generally done through grabbing the weight with your hands or pushing it with your legs but intimacy coach Kim Anami is starting a trend that I have never seen before. And it is called “Vagina Weightlifting”, what does it entail you ask? Exactly what it sounds like it does. Kim who can lift objects varying from coconuts to household objects, to light dumbbells claims that vaginal weightlifting can help empower women, cure depression and even replace the need for botox. Traveling the world to show off her unusual skill in hopes of spreading the word to as many women as possible. Yes, I know how crazy this all sounds but experts such as Dr. Stephen A Rabin have backed up some of Kim’s claims and believing that it can in fact provide women with many benefits. What are your guys take on Kim’s unique skill? Check out her full story in the video below!

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