Klay Thompson And Stephen Curry Team Up To Form Mario-Themed ‘Super Splash Bros’

by Brandon

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are easily two of the most potent offensive weapons the NBA has to offer. Fans of the Golden State Warriors generally refer to the duo as the “Splash Bros”, after their recent performances there has been a slight tweak to the nickname. They shall now be referred to as the “Super Splash Bros”.

Each member has had a remarkable performance over the last month of basketball. Back on January 23 against the Sacramento Kings, Thompson went off for an NBA record 37 points in a quarter while finishing the game off with a career-high 52 points.

Steph Curry was not to be out done, as he put on a show last night for the fans at Oracle Arena. Curry went on to have 26 of his 51 points in the third quarter. Leading his team back from a 40-18 first quarter defect in the process. Not to mention he shot a ice cold 10/16 from three point range. That’s an astounding 62.5% from distance, not many people can shoot that percentage in an empty gym!

Check out this video below as Steph and Klay team up to form a mario-themed ‘Super Splash Bros’ , a bay area remix of Super Mario Bros.

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