Kobe Bryant And Andrew Wiggins Duel In Los Angeles

by Brandon

While it has undoubtedly been a disappointing season for the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant, that was all forgotten last night. As “The Mamba” peeled back the hands of time and turned in yet another vintage performance as he dueled with the Minnesota Timberwolves young star Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins showed why the Timberwolves have a very bright future, turning in a 30-point performance on 13-of-20 shooting. While Kobe reminded us all of his true greatness by flashing back to his old self – scoring 38 points on 21 shot attempts. Taking over the game down the stretch and snapping the Lakers 10 game-losing streak along the way. A great showing for fans of Kobe Bryant and basketball purists alike. Hopefully he can find a way to keep those legs fresh and continue the phenomenal play throughout the remainder of the season. Take a look at the highlights from the past vs. the future in the video below!

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