Kobe Bryant’s Best Moments Against The Miami Heat

by Brandon

Good friends Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant will play against each other for the final time in their NBA careers tonight when the Miami Heat visit the Los Angeles Lakers. With each of the all-time great shooting guards coming off of totally different performances; Wade turned in a 30 point and 9 assist outing on Monday night while Kobe Bryant went just 1-11 from the field in the Lakers’ 48-point loss to the Utah Jazz. Hands down the worst performance we have ever seen from the great Kobe Bryant, which is why I expect him to come out with a strong performance as you can be assured he will be amped up to battle against his pal one last time.

Before you check out the game tonight, take a look at a collection of Kobe Bryant’s best moments against the Miami Heat in the video below!

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