Kobe Bryant’s Best Moments In New Orleans

by Brandon

The illustrious career of Kobe Bryant has only four games left in it as it will come to a close next Wednesday when the Los Angeles Lakers welcome the Utah Jazz to the Staples Center. Making  every remaining game a must see for basketball aficionados.

Today being one of those games, as Kobe makes his final visit to the wonderful city of New Orleans to battle the Pelicans one last time. Which I am sure most Pelican fans are happy about. Not because they dislike or hate Kobe but because they are tired of getting lit up by him. Over the years Kobe has turned in some memorable performances against the Pelicans franchise and might have one more mamba moment left in the tank.

I can’t wait to see the response Kobe gets from the fans tonight as he makes his last visit to the crescent city. To hold you off until then we have a collection of Kobe’s best moments in New Orleans in the video below!

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