Learn How To Perform The Burpee Pull-Up

by Brandon

The array of exercises which each and everyone of us have access to is mind-boggling but there is something to be said for simplicity. And for those desiring a back-to-basics, clear and effective exercise, the burpee pull-up is the perfect option. As it is a straight-forward exercise that can be performed by almost any individual to work their entire body.

The burpee pull-up will literally work every muscle in your body to help you build strength, endurance, raise your heart rate resulting in the burning of bundles of calories while also testing your coordination. The variety of movements and muscles worked means that the burpee pull-up will provide benefits that extend beyond physical appearance. Helping build up your overall functional strength, therefore allowing you to easily handle all the physical challenges that may come your way on a daily basis.

To get a breakdown of how the burpee pull-up should be performed check out the video below!

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