LeBron James Reaches Back To Throw Down Terrible Lob

by Brandon

LeBron James is one of the most incredible athletes we have had the privilege of watching in the history of all sports and has been putting his exceptional athleticism on full display over the past few days.  Catching and finishing some terrible passes from JR Smith who to his defense isn’t known for his passing ability.

On Friday JR threw LeBron a lob off the backboard that caused LeBron to adjust mid-air and slam it home with his left hand. Last night, Smith threw another lob to LeBron that ended up behind LeBron’s head. It might of been a problem to most players in the NBA but for ‘The King” it was just another routine play. As he reached behind his head, grabbed the pass with both hands and throw it down with authority. Landing gracefully with his wings spread wide for all the fans to see.

Take a look at LeBron James’ spectacular dunk in the video below!

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