Leg Day With Dom Mazzetti And Bradley Martyn

by Brandon

Dom Mazzetti lives his life as ‘Bro’ as possible which is exactly why we rarely see him train legs because all he cares about is his upper-body, arms and chest if you want to be specific. But his friend Bradley Martyn somehow convinced the one and only Dom Mazzetti to actually take part in his leg day routine or at least a slight portion of it. After getting in a few warm-up repetitions at the squat rack Dom felt the need to get a slight arm pump going to assist him in getting through the leg workout. Tricking his brain by getting in some curls in between sets to keep himself motivated to want to get under the squat rack. The problem with Dom is that once you let him do a few sets of curls he is never going to break away from training arms, which is exactly what happened but then again did we really expect Dom to go through a full leg routine? What was initially planned out to be a leg day quickly turned into a full-out arm day. Take a look at Bradley Martyn trying his best to convince the humorous Dom Mazetti to get his ass under the squat rack in the video below!

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