Lie Witness News – Cleveland Cavaliers Edition

by Brandon

Lie Witness News is back but this time reporting from Cleveland, Ohio as they look to get some input from the fans on their team and their performance so far in the NBA Finals. While the Cleveland Cavaliers do have a passionate and loyal fan base, some of them might no be as informed on their team or how the series has ‘actually’ been playing out as others. Such as when one fan was tricked into believing that Steph Curry’s half-court shot from game 1 was the first four point shot in NBA history and even elaborated on the rule change. Which is pretty funny when you take into account that no such rule change has even occurred. Making you wonder which fans had the funniest Lie Witness News Broadcast; The Warriors’ fans or the Cavaliers’? Check out the video below to see these fans talk about fake players, injuries, and strategies!

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