Lifters Vs. Fighters: Who Has The Advantage?

by Brandon

When it comes to being alpha who has the advantage; lifters or fighters? In terms of appearance and first impressions lifters definitely have the upper hand, regardless of if a lifter knows how to fight or not you would think twice about instigating a problem with them because of their incredible size. However, while a guy who actually trains to fight might look like a normal dude he is more than capable of laying a beat down for the ages on you so be aware of this before you start an issue with the wrong one.

So who has the overall advantage?

The brofessor who also goes by the name of Dom Mazzetti digs into the topic and breaks down the pros and cons of both sides. And as you probably expected, things did get just a bit biased but that doesn’t mean his logic is incorrect. Or does it?

Either way check out the video below to see who Dom gives the advantage to and why!

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