Loni Uhila Steam Rolls Oncoming Defender!

by Brandon

Here in the United States we are on the verge of kicking off another NFL season that will surely be filled with tons of excitement. One of the plays that particularly gets fans out of their seats and pumped up is when a potential tackler gets plowed over by a running back going at full-speed. It’s exactly why so many have fallen in love with the incredible Marshawn Lynch who also goes by the name of “beast mode”. Over and over we have seen him fail to give up and keep his legs churning when it seemed as if he would be held to a short gain. Only to end up running people over, break a few tackles and explode for a huge gain. Plays like those sway the momentum of the game drastically. Over in England they have their own version of “beast mode” and to be honest he might just be a bit more intimidating than Marshawn Lynch. He goes by the name of Loni Uhila and stands at 6’1″and weighing an absurd 286 lbs. During his most recent game in the ITM Cup, apposing player Craig Clare made a crazy attempt to bring down the massive man and as you probably guessed had no chance. But you got to give him credit, most dudes would of jumped out the way. I know I sure as hell would. Check out the brutal bump-off in the video below!

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