Lou Ferrigno Backstage At The Olympia 2014

by Adam Smith

Nothing can stop The Hulk. Our friends over at GenerationIron.com bring us this video clip. “During the filming of Generation Iron – the crew took painstaking detail to cover as much of the Mr. Olympia competition as possible. That means on stage, in the seats, and – most importantly – the back stage. Unfortunately, not everything could make it into the movie. One big thing that got cut short is the presence of the iconic Lou Ferrigno making rounds backstage and inspiring the current top tier bodybuilders – like Kai Greene, Phil Heath, and Branch Warren.”

These guys may be considered amazing champions to all of us – but just watch the awe and respect in their voices and faces when they interact with Lou Ferrigno. Towering over them all in height and his past accomplishments – Lou is still an intimidating presence but also a motivational one. Watch him inspire the new generation of bodybuilders in the video below to see it all for yourself. Remember to leave your opinion on what you think of this video in the comments section.

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