Lunge Variation Which Reduces The Pressure On The Knee

by Brandon

Regardless of if you have a focus on long distance running, sports that require sharp lateral movements or heavy lifting, the knee is typically one of if not the most problematic area of the body. Which doesn’t bode well for athletes since the wellbeing of your knees and the muscles surrounding them are an integral part of your fitness goals. The tricky part about keeping your knees healthy is that a knee injury can happen at any random moment, or can creep up unavoidably over time. And while serious knee injuries are hands down one of the worst things an athlete can encounter, nagging knee injuries can be one of the most annoying things any athlete has to deal with. As these nagging injuries create an enormous amount of discomfort and even pain at times, therefore restricting athletes from functioning at their best.

For those who enjoy lifting weights knee pain can force them to forgo training legs because it is just too painful. To avoid this pain you might want to alter the exercises you have been performing, tighten up your technique or maybe perform certain variations of exercises that might take pressure off of your knee while allowing you to strengthen up the surrounding muscles. Perfect example being the variation of the lunge that Bradley Martyn demonstrates in his latest video. If you struggle with knee pains then you should definitely give a look to the video below!

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