Man This Guy Got Way Ahead Of Himself At The Gym

by Adam Smith

Sometimes at the gym your mind gets a little ahead of itself. You could be mid-workout, feeling great, and you catch someone across the room pulling something off you never considered trying before. Your mind tells you that you have to push your boundaries if you’re going to truly see gains, so you wait until that bro is done and you saddle on up! Then you fall flat on your face like a jackass…

Though that can also be a good thing, because if someone films it and uploads to YouTube with the title ‘Epic Gym Fail‘ then we all win. That’s precisely what happened in the video above. That bro in the corner dropped his 5-pound weights to try and do some pull-ups after seeing that guy go straight up HULK on that bar.

Then his pecs and traps gave out and he fell flat on his face. But the story shouldn’t end there. All this bros needs to do in order to go from the flabby-man-child who falls on his face to the Alpha who makes other people in the gym push their limits is read some of our fitness advice.

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