Man Who Was Paralysed At 15 Becomes Bodybuilding Champion

by Adam Smith

Anand Arnold is a man who has faced some pretty dire moments in his life, but has turned them all around and now uses the mantra ‘make your weakness your strength’. The 28 year old found himself paralysed at only 15 years of age, after having an operation on his spinal chord to rid himself of cancer. Instead of lying in his bed and pitying himself for the rest of his life, he decided to carry on his bodybuilding training he started at 13 years old.

The inspirational man from Punjab, India, claimed “The initial though because of my condition was that I could not do anything, but just to keep me positive they said I could start doing something if I was able to. As soon I started winning competitions, they were also happy.” He has now become the face of Muscle Mania, has a host of titles behind him including three Mr India trophies and a massive 12 Mr Punjabi ones.

His family are proud and rightly so, but the bodybuilder is determined to carry on and achieve even more, adding “My biggest dream is to make a movie on my life. I believe it will inspire people to reach new heights. It will give people like me a new ray of hope.” Frankly, we wouldn’t put it past him!

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