Marc Lobliner Gets in the Gym with 4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath and This Happens…

by Jim Singletary

These are two guys who are used to conducting serious business inside the gym.  But sometimes when they get together things just get goofy.  Looks like Phil “The Gift” Heath is getting the better of Marc here while he’s trying to say his piece.  Having a training partner that makes you crack up can be a good thing, as long as you’re not in the middle of unhooking your 1 RM from the squat rack when he cracks that fart joke that makes you pee a little.

What kind of training partner do you like to have with you at the gym? Do you bring serious “let’s move this iron” guy?  Or do you like to have that friend who knows what to say to get you lose your shit, to make the time go by?

Anyway, check out Marc Lobliner here trying to keep a straight face in a post training recap while Mr O has him cracking up.

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