Mark Bell X Mike Rashid: Supertraining Meets Overtraining

by Brandon

Iron enthusiast Mike Rashid linked up with powerlifting extraordinaire Mark Bell and the result was an incredibly informative video. Mike is a big time fan of the iron game and was looking for tips to assist him on getting to his goal of benching 500 lbs. Who better to get bench press advice from than the man who in 2010 held the number one bench press in america at the 275 lb category, not to mention he benched 500 lbs while weighing 240 lbs during the peak of his wrestling career. Mike Rashid’s humbleness is what made this interaction truly special, he went into this workout with an open mind trying to learn as much as he possible could. As Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”. If Mike Rashid can find the knowledge Mark Bell had to offer valuable, there’s no reason we can’t all use this information to improve our bench press technique

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