Mark Wahlberg Preparing For Pain & Gain

by Brandon

Mark Wahlberg had a difficult task in getting ready for his role in Pain & Gain. He had recently lost 20 lbs for his role in Broken City and was weighing about 165 lbs. In order to put on the necessary weight Marky Mark would gobble down ten meals a day while training five times a week. Beginning his mornings at 4:30 to eat his breakfast and be in the gym by opening time at 5:00 A.M every day. That is the drive which separates Wahlberg from most actors out there. He is willing to push his body to the limit to assure himself he can portray a role as authentically as possible. By filming time Wahlberg was weighing a whopping 212 lbs, a forty pound difference from where he started. The intensity he brings to his workout is on the level of a professional athlete. Take a look at Mark Wahlberg getting himself ready for Pain & Gain in the video below.

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