Meet Sayagh The 50 Year Old Homeless Bodybuilder From France

by Adam Smith



Sayagh the 50 year old bodybuilder from France has a physique of a greek god despite being homeless. This man proves that you do not need a gym to get ripped and muscular. Sayagh hammers out pushups, hanging leg raises with makeshift ab straps, and resistance band exercises on his little corner of a street in France.


“Bodybuilders are futurists, they dare everything. It’s a world that I like. I love them,” Sayagh told the director of this 6-minute documentary, Julien Goudichaud. “It’s better to run and be able to do whatever you want than be amorphous. Especially in 50.”


It seems like that a portion of Sayagh’s panhandling money goes to various workout supplements, including casein and whey protein, pure creatine powder, and vitamins. Sayagh explained how he prepared for the “Le Grand Prix Des Pyrenees” bodybuilding competition. He ate vegtables 5-6 days out of the week and cut down his water intake for the competition.


Although his main focus in life is bodybuilding Sayagh has a son and grandchildren that he cares deeply about. “I have grandchildren, I don’t want them to think that their grandfather is an a**hole,” Sayagh added. “I want them to be proud of me, that’s all I want. And I have a son that I love”.

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