Meet Two Of The Strongest Men In The World!

by Brandon

Powerlifters Andy Bolton and Benedikt Magnusson gives a look into the workout regiment of two of the strongest men on planet earth. Andy Bolton is a 7x world heavyweight powerlifting champion and the first person to deadlift 1,000 lbs, whose record stood until Benedikt came along to break it. Benedikt Magnusson is widely considered to be the best powerlifter in the world and currently holds the world record for heaviest deadlift. These massive men bring a different approach to training than those who train to add size or to sculpt an aesthetic body. They are uninterested in attaining large biceps or an incredible six pack, their only worry is gaining strength, nothing else matters. The differences in the training philosophy of a powerlifter and bodybuilder are: powerlifters never train to failure and they consume huge amounts of calories on a daily basis. You may never see these gym warriors on the cover of a fitness magazine but you can’t deny their greatness as athletes, without question they are the best at what they do!

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