Michael Carter-Williams Performs Crazy Physioball Barbell Shoulder Press

by Brandon

As a professional athlete you are expected to continuously find ways to take your game to the next level. Making it crucial to be honest with yourself and identify the weak points of your game or athleticism. The point guard of the Milwaukee Bucks, Michael Carter-Williams is one of the best young talents in the NBA but isn’t satisfied with the career he has had up to this point and is willing to try anything that will help him improve his play on the court. Even attempting exercises that might come across as a little risky. Such as the shoulder presses he is performing in the video below while balancing himself on a physioball. While I wouldn’t advise any one with a weak core to attempt this exercise, it does seem like an exercise that can be highly challenging for those with a strong enough core to balance on the ball. Check out Michael Carter-Williams performing the crazy physioball shoulder press in the video below!

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