Michael Jordan – The Drive

by Brandon

Today we celebrate the birthday of the man we refer to as “His Airness”, MJ, or simply by his full name of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Marking 52 years of his existence, 52 years comprised of astounding accomplishments and remarkable feats. Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the greatest basketball player of all-time and athlete for that matter. His reign of the NBA was like no other; over 15 seasons in the NBA he managed to become a 6x NBA champion, 6x Finals MVP,  5x regular season MVP, 1x Defensive Player of The Year, and a 14x All-Star. What might be more impressive than his accolades was his ability to transcend the game and take it to heights never seen before. MJ was like nothing the game of basketball had ever witnessed, a 6’6 freakish athlete who had an innate ability to glide through the air at will but had as fundamentally a sound game as ever to go along with his athleticism. Due to his greatness fans went crazy, doing whatever possible to see Michael play whether it be on Television or in person, just to get a taste of the excitement he brought to the arena.

But what made “His Airness” so great? Ask the people who competed against him night in and night out and they will assure you it was his competitive drive. Michael is known as the fiercest competitor we have ever come across, failure just wasn’t an option for this man. He worked so hard to assure himself he would be ready to handle any situation thrown his way. What gave him a mental edge over his competition was his ability to deal with shortcomings and use them as fuel to motivate him as oppose to letting them bring him down and negatively affect his game. We have never seen an athlete as driven and mentally strong as Jordan and we probably never will.

Happy Birthday MJ!

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”- Michael Jordan

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