Mid-Week Motivation – Failure

by Brandon

Many of us have this notion that in order to be successful you cannot fail and because of this we live in fear of attempting something that we might fail at. But imagine how many talents you are hiding from yourself if you limit yourself to things you know you are good at. To be a champion in life you must be willing to accept failure because at some point in life everyone is going to fail, however you can never accept not trying. Not trying something knew due to fear is simply just unacceptable! Accept the fact that you will fail in life but make sure you use to experiences to help you grow and evolve as an individual. As you can hear Joe Rogan say in the video below, “.. to grow the individual will to become something you must get comfortable with fear and failure, they must be your best friends” And there is honestly no better way to put it, learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable because the only way you truly grow and a person is by being placed outside of your comfort zone. So stop living scared and become a lion and watch everybody else get out of your way!

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