Mike Monday’s: Episode 3

by Brandon

Mike Rashid has become extremely popular in the lifting world because of his inspirational messages and hardcore training philosophy but there is more to Mike than overtraining. He is also a wise businessman who is constantly making power moves. Perfect example being his new, hardcore styled gym that is coming to the Miami area very soon. And in this episode of Mike Monday’s he gives us a glimpse into that side of his life. As he links up with good friend and Gifted Nutrition CEO Joey Firestone to give us a behind the scenes look into Iron Addicts Miami and speaks on the plans he has in mind for the gym. Judging off of this video and the type of dude Mike is, it is safe to say that Iron Addicts Miami will be the go to spot for all those who are in search of a hardcore, old school styled lifting environment in the South Florida area. But since Iron Addicts isn’t up and running yet Mike headed to Miami Iron Gym to get in a late night delt training session. Which was a perfect ending to the newest episode of Mike Monday’s. Take a look at Mike Rashid taking us along for a ride through beautiful Miami, Florida in the video below!

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