Mike O’ Hearns Epic Body Transformation

by Adam Smith

Mike O’Hearn is one of the most accomplished athletes in the fitness industry. He has the unique knack to transfer his talents from the weight room to the stage to the screen. He wasn’t always like that though in this video  you will see his epic transformation to the beast he is today and also how he got here.

Mike won four Natural Universe Bodybuilding Championships, was named Fitness Model of the Year seven times, and is the only ‘Titan’ to be on both the original American Gladiators series and the second coming of the series. He is an actor who also set the world record for breaking the most consecutive panes of glass with his head… twice. This real-life Superman is now the Captain of Team Magnum and is a Team Bodybuilding.com member. His Power Bodybuilding training system helps wannabe superheroes across the universe reach greater levels of strength and muscularity. As a citizen of Earth, O’Hearn also finds time to speak to children and volunteers for charities.

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