Mike O’Hearn & Rob Riches Massive Shoulder Workout – Part 2

by Brandon

The British-born Rob Riches and the massive Mike O’Hearn got together to smash their shoulders and it was far from a disappointment. In the first part of their intense workout we not only got a look into their routine but we also got to hear their reasoning behind why they included the exercises they did into their routine, as well as how to properly perform each and every one. The second part of their massive shoulder workout is a little of the same as we see these two fitness experts put the finishing touches on an intense gym session. After watching this two part workout series you will become a bit more knowledgeable on how to effectively improve upon your physique from the great expertise of Mike O’Hearn. Judging off of his physique it is evidently clear that he knows exactly what he is talking about. If looking to build a pair of boulder shoulders is what you have been after, then the video below is what you have been missing. Check out the second part of Rob and Mike’s knowledgeable workout session in the video below!

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