Mike Rashid Adresses The Know It Alls Before Squatting It Out

by Brandon

It is well known that Mike Rashid trains one way and one way only – all out beast mode on every single rep. Never will you see Mike just coasting and going through the motions because he only believes in giving his 100%. Regardless of what muscle group he is training or where he is training you can bet that Mike’s training intensity level will always be sky high. But he has been receiving some negative feedback for his latest squat challenge. Which requires Mike to squat every single day and he is currently 36 days into the challenge but people believe that it will lead to the deteriorating of Mike’s health due to his age. But Mike reassures them that is fully aware of what he is doing and advises these haters to focus on living out their own life instead of worrying about his. And then he squatted away all the hate as he completed the 36th day of his personal squat challenge. Check out Mike address the know it alls and squat it out in the video below!

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