Mike Rashid And Company Obliterate Their Chest!

by Brandon

What is your definition of a killer chest day? I can almost guarantee you that it doesn’t compare to the brutality that Mike Rashid and his pals but their chest through. This isn’t your typical four exercise chest day routine in which you obtain a slight pump just to boost up your ego. This is a chest day comprised of countless and yes I mean countless repetitions to the point of flat out exhaustion. And it is all done on the flat bench with dumbbells, nothing more, nothing less. Beginning with a light weight you can handle to get some blood flowing in the chest, then gradually going heavy until you can’t anymore and then working your way back down to some light weight to drain every ounce of energy you have left. Not only does this test your physical strength but it is also a test of your will and mental toughness. Think you have what it takes to survive? Before you answer take a look at the grueling routine in the video below!

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