Mike Rashid And Flex Wheeler: Chest Day

by Brandon

Mike Rashid is a true student of the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, he respects all those who have competed at the highest level and is always looking to learn what he can from them. In his most recent collaboration we see Mike get together with good friend and all-time bodybuilding great, Flex Wheeler. “The Sultan of Symmetry” is way past his prime but continues to live and train with a total different mentality. He is all about training smart as appose to hard with an emphasis on longevity. Long gone are the days of pushing large amounts of weight, they have been replaced with lower weight but higher repetition ranges. But Flex couldn’t help and get pumped up to go heavy once he saw Mike Rashid and Stan Efferding throwing around some heavy ass weight. Check out how Flex and Mike became such great friends and more in the video below!

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