Mike Rashid & Anette De La Rosa: Back Attack

by Brandon

Believe it or not, your chest and almost all other major muscle groups will get bigger and stronger through back training. The bottom line is if you build up a strong back you will develop a bigger and stronger body regardless of your goals. Not the mention the fact that back strengthening exercises build up the strength required to support and keep your spine in its proper position. So stop putting all your attention on the glamour muscles(biceps, triceps, and chest) and begin working toward putting some mass on your back. If you are in need of a routine to assist you in doing so, Mike Rashid has exactly what you are looking for. Mike was in Scottsdale, Arizona and decided to stop in at Independence Gym along with Anette De La Rosa to flat out destroy their back. There is no better feeling than the pain you encounter as a result of tearing down your muscle tissue. Once you grow to enjoy the pain it becomes quite addicting and the only way to fill the need is by training your ass off. Check out the video below to help you on the road toward building a killer back that not only looks impressive, but is strong enough to pull a Mac truck up a mountain!

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