Mike Rashid Brings Us An Alternative To Cardio That Burns Fat More Effectively

by Brandon

After a nice long ‘bulk’ you are going to be a massier version of yourself which is when you transition into a ‘cutting’ phase or style of training. But when one hears the word cut, they immediately associate it with a great amount of cardio. As many believe that the only way to shed unwanted fat is to spend hours upon hours boring yourself on the treadmill and stationary bike but that is not the case. In fact, while cardio will burn fat, it will also burn off some of that muscle you have been working so hard to add to your frame. Which is why your best and most effective alternative for shedding fat while maintaining the muscle you have gained is through high-intensity training. A perfect example of the type of high-intensity training you should be doing to ensure you are effectively burning fat is included in Mike Rashid’s video below!

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