Mike Rashid: Do Champion Shit When No One’s Watching

by Brandon

It’s generally easier to get yourself pumped up and going when there are people around you as apposed to when you are all alone by your lonesome. Especially when it comes to physical training. It is incredibly easy to get motivated to crush a training session at the gym when you have a few cheerleaders around to help get the juices flowing – but what happens when the cheerleaders aren’t around? Are you going to punk out and skip your scheduled training session because you don’t have the desire within you to put the time in? That all depends on what you are truly made of inside. What you do when no one is around exemplifies what your are made of. Showing up to your workouts and displaying champion-like behaviors not only builds character but it also strengthens you mentally as well as physically. Take a look at the video below and listen to why Mike Rashid believes everyone should take some time to do some champion shit when they are alone!

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