Mike Rashid: Full Overtraining Back And Chest Routine

by Brandon

The boost that a training partner can provide you while training can be the missing link to taking your physique to where it has never been. Regardless of how hard and intense you train when you are alone, it will never be the same as training with someone else who makes sure you are giving every set all you got. Now imagine if your training partners were Mike Rashid and CT Fletcher? That is why Bobby Binion couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of training with the ‘boys’ at the one and only iron addict’s gym. The result was a ridiculously hard chest and back routine that would leave a majority of ‘so called’ lifters puking all over the place. However, the alphas of the world find a way to push past the physical fatigue due to their un-worldly mental fortitude. Overtraining isn’t for everyone but those who posses the will to constantly push themselves will fall in love with it and the results it produces. Take a look at Mike Rashid pushing one lucky guy beyond his limitations in the video below!

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