Mike Rashid Gives His take On The “Dad Body” Debate

by Brandon

There has been a lot of debate recently in reference to whether girls perfer a “Dad Bod” or a man with a tight and fit physique. The debate grew after a girl put out an article stating why in fact she prefers her man to have a sloppy looking body. And her reasoning is all based on her individual insecurities, stating that she wants to be the center of attention in her relationship and doesn’t want to have the stress of whether other girls are looking at her man. Which is completely absurd!

Fitness expert and master motivator Mike Rashid chimed in on this debate and gave us his opinion on the article. And as you probably predicted, he does not agree with the article and its views one bit. Check out the video below and see why Mike believes staying in shape and being fit does nothing else but benefit you in numerous ways!

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