Mike Rashid: Live Like A Lion

by Brandon

Mike Rashid’s will and ability to constantly push himself to new levels is what separates him from your average joe. Many of the people you see at your local gym on a daily basis would be satisfied with having a physique like Mike’s. But not Mike, while he obviously knows he possesses the physique of a flat out beast he also understands that there is always room for improvement. That is the exact reason why Mike never stops pushing himself beyond his limitations. He has certain goals he wants to reach and is aware that there is only one way to accomplish them all, which is through some old-fashioned hard work. A perfect example of his relentless drive is the video below. While most dudes hate going through their typical weekly three to four sets of squats, Mike has no issue going above and beyond that. Starting relatively light and building his way up to an extremely heavy weight but it isn’t the weight that he pushed that is so impressive. What makes the video below so impressive is the countless number of repetitions he puts himself through. Some might look at it and blurt out that it’s unnecessary or ridiculous to go through that many repetitions. Which probably means that they are bringing down Mike’s training regiment because they don’t have the heart to go through it. Rather than appreciate the intensity and drive Mike brings to the gym everyday, they choose to throw negativity at it. Don’t be one of those cowards, in fact live life like a fucking lion and give this extreme leg routine a try!

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